IVR menu systems

Service customers faster with ipSCAPE’s Intelligent IVR capabilities that can route calls efficiently and enable self-service

Increase Organisational Efficiency

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a menu system that directs customers to use the telephone keypad for identification and to route callers to the most appropriate agent.

Customers will be directed to the right department while agents will have the information they need to better serve customers creating efficiencies within your contact centre.

ipSCAPE’s Cloud Call Centre technology offers  IVR and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) features.

Easily build workflows

Use ipSCAPE’s intuitive IVR builder to easily create and maintain workflows. Your IVR menu system can contain music, voice recordings, menus and multiple branches to assist the caller on their journey.

ipSCAPE also offers a range of Virtual Agents you can choose from to create a consistent brand experience across your IVR workflows. Over 15 voices are available with different accents and multi-language capabilities.  Using our advanced integration capabilities you can also facilitate self-service options for customers such as  enquiring about a delivery status or  an account balance. This frees your agents to focus on more complex tasks, creating efficiencies in your contact centre.

Create an Intelligent IVR for smart routing

Create an intelligent IVR using ipSCAPE’s Web Services Connector which enables the creation of sophisticated branching that is more personalised and relevant for your customers.

Using the caller ID, only options relevant to the customer will be presented, resulting in faster service. Similarly, customised messages can be served based on inputs into the IVR to provide self-serve capabilities.

IVR Capabilities

The ipSCAPE platform provides you with all the features you need to run a world-class contact centre