Reimagine Retail Experiences

MarketSCAPE Omni-channel communications for new-era shopper journeys

  • Digital channels
  • NPS surveys
  • Reporting

Increase purchases through personalised experiences

Shoppers are twice as likely to add items to their baskets if they have a personalised experience. Deliver tailored retail communications across channels including: 

  • Phone – Sales and Service
  • Email and Web Chat
  • SMS and Social media messaging

Measure and improve customer satisfaction

Automate the collection of customer feedback using MarketSCAPE customer satisfaction or NPS surveys. These can be triggered after a call or web chat.  

Leverage AI capabilities to transcribe customer feedback. Business leaders can seamlessly analyse and act on responses, uncovering next best actions – whether that is launching a retention program or an upselling campaign.

Automate communications

Integrate your CRM with MarketSCAPE to personalise campaigns and use AI for automation. 

  • Provide an estimated delivery date
  • Change an order’s delivery address
  • Update subscription purchase

Transform your customer experiences

Create tailored omni-channel journeys that power your Retail business 

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Scales with our business

MarketSCAPE scales with our business – our usage is seasonal and MarketSCAPE helps us provide service to our customers during peak periods through voice and digital channels such as web chat for live support."

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