Case Study

Compare Club

“IPscape is not just a technology provider, but are a true partner for CompareClub. What truly sets them apart from the rest of the competition is their local account management and support” – COO, Compare Club

1. The Business

Serving over a million Australian families every year, Compare Club is one of Australia’s largest comparison companies for Insurance, Utilities, Home loans, Retail and more.

Compare Club assess, compare and determine the best financial cover for their customers. With over 150 agents across multiple locations in Sydney and Melbourne, Compare Club needed a cloud customer experience technology solution that was scalable, agile and feature-rich.

The primary requirement was a flexible outbound dialler that could optimise the performance of their sales team by increasing talk time and reducing wait time.

2. The Challenge

Compare Club required a cloud customer experience technology solution that could help them improve their user experience, increase sales performance and maintain fully operational across their multiple locations. 

3. The Solution

IPscape was selected for its rich feature set including Outbound dialler capabilities and existing integration with Salesforce. The implementation process took four weeks to accomplish with rigorous testing to ensure the transition was as seamless as possible.

Compare Club adopted IPscape’s outbound dialler to reduce wait time and increase conversion rates. The Salesforce CTI adaptor improved user experience by displaying a single but complete view of the customer before a call.

4. The Benefits

  • Reduce Wait Time
  • Increase Talk-Time
  • Seamless Ability to Scale
  • Improved User Experience
  • Increased Propensity to Convert

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