Grab the attention of customers using SMS
with a 98% open rate, SMS is an effective way of reaching your customers.

Instant, Relevant and Engaging Communications

SMS is an effective communication tool that can boost engagement and provide timely information to customers.

ipSCAPE’s cloud contact centre software enables SMS messages to be easily sent to customers.

Campaigns can be configured to facilitate automated SMS notifications after a call or event.

SMS messages can include:


  • Website links
  • Map directions
  • Confirmation numbers
  • Image attachments

Multi-channel Communication

Contact centre agents can manage communications across SMS, VoiceWeb Chat and Email using the ipSCAPE ‘Agent toolbar’. Queues can be prioritised, so agents are always productive and customers are served based on their channel preference.

Build Awareness and Engagement through SMS

Use the latest cloud contact centre technology innovations to connect with your customers and create exceptional customer experiences.