When one door closes – Shift your door-to-door strategy during COVID-19

Door to door sales staff transitioning to over the phone sales

*knock knock*

No one is knocking now that government restrictions are in place as a response to COVID-19.

Door to door fundraising is vital for some organisations and with these restrictions, it is important for organisations who rely on the support of the community to find alternative ways to connect with supporters.

So when one door closes, what door has opened for not for profit organisations and direct sales?

Now is a great time to talk 

Social distancing means people are now at home and many are more receptive to calls, given the low communication exposure in other facets of their life.

Communicating with existing supporters or customers you have had engagement with previously is easier when you have technology such as ipSCAPE to facilitate a methodical engagement approach.

Technology such as an outbound dialler can help you maximise contact rates and talk time for your staff as they don’t need to manually dial numbers, and can connect the call only when a customer has answered. ipSCAPE has numerous dialler options including a:

  • Preview Dialler
  • Predictive Dialler
  • Progressive Dialler

Furthermore, ipSCAPE’s easy to use ‘Leads module’ enables you to load lists and even ‘weight’ them to maximise effectiveness of your outbound strategy.

Attract more staff

Not many people are comfortable knocking on the doors of strangers, but you can widen your pool of talent by moving your fundraising efforts to outbound dialling.

Calling scripts make it easy to create a consistent customer experience. You can create even more personalised engagement with your regular supporters by integrating your ipSCAPE instance with your CRM. Staff will then be able to see previous customer engagement including previous donations or purchases.

Email templates can also be used to send more information during a phone call such as supporter packages or donation details.

Compliance made easy

ipSCAPE comes with inbuilt tools to make compliance easy. Call recordings can be used for quality and assurance and can be turned off when a payment is being processed.

Furthermore, PCI compliant payment solutions can be used to process donations or sales without the agent seeing any credit card information from the customer.

ipSCAPE are a trusted technology partner for many leading organisations , and we are committed to supporting our clients best understand how cloud technology can ensure their organisation is still providing excellent customer experiences no matter what external factors may come.

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