Are you Making These 5 Outbound Contact Centre Blunders that are Losing you Customers?

Outbound Contact Centre agent


Driving efficiency in your outbound contact centre is a constant challenge – where a 5% difference in performance can materially affect the bottom line.

Typically, calls are made using technologies such as a predictive dialler. Examples of outbound contact centres include sales calls to prospects, debt collection, proactively sharing information, market research and surveys.

If you run an outbound contact centre, then these simple tips can help you stop making outbound contact centre bunders that are costing you customers and revenue.

  1. Relying on outdated dialler technology – if you have outdated, on-premise dialling technology or you are relying on agents manually dialling to make outbound calls, you may be losing out on potential revenue and missing relevant conversations with your customers and prospects.  With outbound cloud contact centre technology, your agents are only connected to live calls, improving contact rates and increasing contact penetration of calling lists enabling them to have meaningful conversations with more customers.
  2. No scalability options– Scaling up or down to meet changing demands is unavailable in traditional call centres. Cloud provides scalability and flexible pricing options, meaning you only pay for the service when you use it. For example, if you are calling a large prospect database, you can scale up for that activity and then scale down when your business needs change. This is a more efficient use of your resources and is cost efficient.
  3. Real-time changes – making changes to your contact centre may be manual and time-consuming. When you implement cloud contact centre technology, you can make real-time changes to your outbound dialler, therefore improving agent productivity and campaign performance. Easy to use dashboards help you track live campaign performance and adapt where necessary.
  4. Accessing a wider range of agents – on-premise call centres rely on in-house call centre agents, restricting access to a larger volume of agents, or especially skilled agents. Cloud technology can be accessed anywhere that you have an internet connection and a headset. This allows you to access remote agents (if you have suitably skilled agents available) who can quickly meet changing demands in your outbound call requirements or who may have special skills, whom you would have otherwise been unavailable.
  5. Relying on spreadsheets and manual processes – your contact centre managers may be whizzes with spreadsheets, but this process is manual and time-consuming and is prone to human error. Reduce reliance by implementing a cloud analytics platform that plugs into your cloud technology. You can make better business decisions, faster.

Speak to one of our outbound contact centre specialists today to find out how you can make your contact centre more efficient and stop losing customers.


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