Outsourcing Companies embrace Cloud & Transform Business Models

Globally, ITO (IT Outsourcing) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) are experiencing ongoing growth – especially in the current economic climate where cost-minimisation has become so critical. Due in large part to the lower cost of people resource, Asia continues to lead the world as a centre for outsourcing with different countries now beginning to specialise and differentiate their offers:

In the past, outsourcers have tied clients into long contract periods – mainly because of the lead time and requirement needed to provision infrastructure and people-resource. The industry was cumbersome and could not attain the levels of responsive service that clients increasingly expected and demanded. Long lock-in periods where companies are required to pay for resource even when not using it and slow turn-around times for introducing new or altered campaigns, or ramp up activities, now feel antiquated in this era of on-demand, consumer-driven service.

Enter Cloud.

Outsourcing companies are eagerly engaging with new Cloud technologies which allow them to deliver the agile service their clients are demanding. With Cloud, gone are the long lead times to provision software. Service becomes agile, and customers only pay for what they need, when they need it – meaning long, committed and often expensive contracts can become a thing of the past.

World-class voice and data networks are essential for effective contact centre operations. Telstra Global’s new VCC service is an innovative cloud-based software solution combined with world-class voice and data networks, which enables BPO contact centres to buy a single end to end service which scales with business growth. Powered by ipSCAPE, VCC has just been implemented by one of Asia’s leading providers of Virtual Talent Services, Flat Planet. This enables global companies to contract with highly experienced, professionally trained staff based in another country. Agile, cost effective, world-class communications are a key enabler for Flat Planet’s Virtual Talent business as they facilitate high levels of customer service and reliability.

“Flat Planet needs to be able to respond quickly to changing customer needs and Telstra Global’s VCC public cloud infrastructure, supported by world class voice and data networks, means we can make changes to campaigns and projects faster than the competition. In summary VCC puts the control of the technology where it should be – back into the hands of the business.

“This type of public cloud innovation blended with the reliability of Telstra Global’s network and hosting services is an unbeatable combination.”

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