Dynamic Business – Let’s talk: The best marketing methods for businesses


Alison Lee, Head of Marketing at ipSCAPE discusses the importance of creating compelling marketing campaigns, especially during COVID-19.  

Creating compelling marketing campaigns is essential to cut through the noise and generate interest in your business.

During COVID-19, ipSCAPE was able to focus on promoting timely and relevant benefits such as remote working and the ability to ensure Business Continuity.

Key learnings from this experience include:

  • Use insight to drive campaign messaging                                                                                                                                                                         To create compelling marketing- find a key insight into what is top of mind for your customers. For ipSCAPE, it was the urgency for on-premise technology users to move to the cloud, with speed of implementation being essential to ensure business continuity. With this, ipSCAPE launched our ‘Enable Work from Home in 24hours campaign’ which highlighted our strengths of having an experienced, local team of experts who have a proven track record of exceptionally fast implementations.
  • Know your customer
    Understand your customer’s pain points and think about what motivates them. We approach this by industry and build campaigns with an understanding that our cloud communication platform helps solve unique problems for each sector. As an example, many retailers were required to close their doors as a result of COVID-19 and were consequently inundated with calls. They also required digital communications such as webchat and email to help their customer service teams handle multiple queries, to improve response rates. ipSCAPE created specific campaigns for retail explaining how we help through our multi-channel solution.
  • Get your customer’s attention
    Marketing is about disruption, whether it is a billboard along a highway, or a promoted post or a feed on social media– it’s about getting the attention of your customer. The challenge is knowing the right channels for your business. ipSCAPE’s clients are Technology, Service and Sales leaders, therefore the channels we focus on include reputable business publications, LinkedIn and targeted emails.”

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