Case Study

Growing Online Retail

1. The Business

Online retail is experiencing high growth as shoppers turn to digital to order goods for convenience and especially during the uncertainty of COVID-19.  

To support customers through the online customer journey, retailers are looking for multi-channel customer service solutions to handle queries across the phone, email, web chat and SMS.   

2. The Challenge

As a result of COVID-19 many retailers were forced to close their physical stores, causing a surge in their online retail operations and a consequently high number of phone and online queries. 

Retailers needed a way to effectively route customers through the phone and email, managing enquires about stock levels, the status of order deliveries and troubleshooting the website. 

3. The Solution

IPscape was utilised by our retail clients to help route and manage calls to the right departments, and the flexible licencing model meant the solution could scale up or down to support businesses during busier months such as Easter and Christmas. 

Email enquiries from the ‘Contact Us’ form on the website were easily routed into the email module of IPscape so staff can respond quickly to enquiries, using email templates to improve response rates.  

By adding a simple line of code to their website, the client could install a live chat feature so customers can get support as they peruse their online store. 

With some staff working from home, management were able to view reports in IPscape to identify how many email queries each staff member was handling as well as the number of customers they were serving on web chat. 

Currently, IPscape is in discussions with this client to improve and optimise their customer service journeys including, automation and customer self-service. 

IPscape offers an easy-to-use PCI compliant payment solution, PaySCAPE that enables employees to take credit card payments in a PCI compliant manner, regardless of location. PaySCAPE facilitates an agent assisted payment transaction where credit card details are entered by the customer through their phone keypad with no details presented to the staff member. 

Retailers can also enable customer self-service through IPscape’s Virtual Agent Voice; which can be seamlessly integrated into IVR workflows. Virtual Agent Voice can be used to communicate information such as delivery times or Account details, without the need for a customer support agent, freeing staff to concentrate on more complex tasks. 

Another challenge for many businesses was the need to quickly enable a remote working environment. As a cloud customer experience technology solution, IPscape can be accessed from any location, with an internet connection and a headset. This makes it easier for businesses to enable flexible working environments for unpredictable situations. Furthermore, with the ease of COVID restrictions and businesses now returning back to their offices, IPscape can support this need for flexible working, whether teams are at home or in the office.  

4. The Benefits

Service more customers

With multichannel functionality including Voice, Email, Web Chat and SMS, businesses are able to service more customers whilst catering to their communication preference.    

Remote working

As a cloud technology solution, IPscape enabled leading retailers to work remotely at the start of COVID-19. 

Create self-service workflows

This created operational efficiencies and allowed their agents to focus their efforts on more complex tasks 

Safeguard sensitive data whilst WFH

PaySCAPE ensured customer payment details were protected while employees worked remotely